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Does your business process require modifying documents in a secure, auditable environment? 

Many business processes require users to perform document manipulation tasks.  From splitting two documents into one, merging pages from multiple documents, adding and editing annotations, or redacting confidential material, Advanced Document Viewer solutions can be implemented within your existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite. An Advanced Document Viewer will allow your organization to audit document changes in a secure environment, while providing your team the ability to make the necessary changes to content as needed.

Advanced Document Viewer solutions support a wide array of file formats; including MS Office applications, Adobe PDF, TIFF, JPEG to list just a few. 

Key features include: 

Annotation and Collaboration

  • Allow users to track and share by placing Rubber stamps, highlighting, “sticky notes”, and more.

  • Ability to search based on the annotation / comment content.

  • Secure viewing of annotations based on User Role.

Document Creation / Manipulation

  • Modify or Create documents while preserving the original content.

  • Merge pages from multiple documents into a single document. The source documents can be the same type or different formats. 

  • Drag & Drop individual or multiple pages from a document into a new or existing document with ease.

  • Create documents using the menu or drag-and-drop.

  • Modify documents into two or more new documents.

  • Add pages to a document, re-order pages within a document, delete pages from an existing document.

Content Redaction

  • Users can quickly and easily secure sensitive documents by applying true redactions to any document or image with menu options.

  • Redaction of any document format including: Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, TIFF, and more.

  • The redaction can be applied to the file at the time it is retrieved for viewing based on the user permission level.

  • Preserve original content using image redaction tools; the original file is never altered, ensuring that the data is preserved.

  • Ensures compliance with corporate regulations and security standards by adhering to the permission scheme configured within the repository with document and image redaction. 

  • Tag an entire batch of redacted search results at the same time expediting your workflow process.

Mobile Viewing 

  • No download or client installation required to work with any standard browser and provide on-the-go mobile viewing for iPad, Android and other tablet and smartphone platforms. 

  • Quickly add and edit annotations, as well as use momentum-based scrolling to navigate through pages. The mobile version features a clear and sharp user interface with bigger buttons that allow for easier touch navigation.

  • View, annotate and redact virtually all document and image formats (MS Office, PDF, TIFF, and more) without compromising document formatting or retrieval speed.

Document Comparison

  • Document Comparison allows users to compare different text documents, side-by-side, in a split screen and navigate through highlighted differences. ​Improving accuracy when reviewing critical documents by ensuring no change goes unnoticed, all while reducing the time-consuming task of manually comparing documents.

Multiple Document Support 

  • Streamline navigation within documents with the ability to create bookmarks on pages.

  • Increase productivity by providing users the ability to preview thumbnails of each document page and easily toggle between open documents.  

  • Save time and bandwidth by utilizing multiple thumbnail views providing the option to display the first page of each document or to show all of pages contained in each document.

  • Navigate files instantly with tabbed windows allowing multiple documents to be open simultaneously within the same viewer to streamline document processing. 

  • Simplify document creation by dragging and dropping pages to a new window or tab. 

  • Provides immediate access to critical content.

  • Create virtual documents which incorporate frequently viewed pages, drawing from multiple sources, into a single virtual file to enable rapid access to specific and routinely viewed content.



  • Watermarks allow users to protect documents and intellectual property from being copied, as well as streamline their document archiving and optimize their event-driven workflows.

  • Users can easily add watermarks to their document.   Additional watermarks functionality includes:

    • The ability to customize the appearance of the watermark (direction, location, and sizing), the text of the watermark, and the opacity of the watermark (transparent or solid).

    • The ability to select predefined watermarks such as "Edited by", "time/date printed", "page number", "total pages", and "document name" to expedite the workflow process.

    • Functionality for administrators to restrict who has access to the watermarks feature based on user permissions.

As an Enterprise level solution, the Advanced Document Viewer integrates with IBM solutions, Documentum, and Alfresco seamlessly. 

To learn more, or schedule a product demonstration, send us a message below and we'll get in touch with you right away.

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