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Key Motivators for Implementing BPM Suites


Organizations choose to invest in a BPM Suite due to several key drivers.   More than productivity improvements, business can realize the following by implementing the right solution:

  • Revenue Growth and Cost Reductions

  • Compliance adherence

  • Risk Management

  • Customer Satisfaction Improvements

  • Competitive Advantage 

  • Transformation and Innovation Agility

  • Improved Communication

  • Seamless integration with third party applications

  • Single user interface for completion of assigned tasks

H2 understands the intricacies inherent within business processes and the challenges of designing solutions that improve your efficiency while still meeting all of your customer's needs. With integrated solutions that enhance productivity and streamline processes, H2 can help you improve both your manual, time consuming, routine tasks as well as your more unique, varied, "once in a blue moon" tasks. H2 assists organizations with automating their processes in order to take the guess work out of the equation for your employees. Our solutions drive real results, improving employee morale, increasing productivity, providing cost-reductions in system infrastructure, improving risk mitigation, and ensuring adherence to compliance requirements.

BPM Suites provide a means to systematically inform your team that work has arrived, while presenting them with the content and data needed to complete their task.  Have you dreamed of a time where you could: 

  • Manage end-to-end, customer-facing and internal processes

  • Consolidate data and increasing visibility into associated data and content

  • Increase the flexibility and functionality of current infrastructure and data

  • Integrate with existing systems and leveraging emerging service oriented architecture

  • Establish a common language for business-IT alignment

If so, then consider the efficiency improvements from automating such processes as:

  • Line of Business / Operational Processes

  • Employee training (requests, approval, completion records, reimbursement)

  • Job applicant tracking

  • On-boarding Processes from employees to vendors to new customers

  • Purchase order and invoice processing

  • Due diligence processes

  • Product changes

  • Anything requiring a routine intake, notification, approval process or manual handoff 

From manual, time consuming routine tasks to those that occur quarterly or year end processing, BPM Suites take the guess work out of the equation for your employees.  Tasks are presented when action is needed and direction is given to ensure accuracy, quality, and consistency.  


A Premier BPM Suite 

Axon Ivy is a global leader in providing low-code, BPM solutions.  Allowing integration with third party applications, Axon Ivy provides organizations the ability to connect and streamline tasks; unify data entry into a single user interface; present relevant data to decision makers; and provide solutions in weeks, not months.

The Axon.ivy BPM Suite captures your processes and continuously gathers data across systems to provide users with a simple, unified experience for collecting information, completing tasks and making decisions. From modeling to execution, every step is integrated: changes are easy to make, and minimal programming is required. Working with models allows superb flexibility so that you can easily implement processes that meet your exact needs, or quickly make adjustments as your business changes.



What is Business Process Management (BPM)

How does your team know when they have work that needs to be done?  Is it the arrival of a document or a user driven action that kick off your business process?  


Gartner defines Business process management (BPM) as:

"the discipline of managing processes (rather than tasks) as the means for improving business performance outcomes and operational agility. Processes span organizational boundaries, linking together people, information flows, systems and other assets to create and deliver value to customers and constituents."


Keep reading to learn how BPM Suite Solutions can improve your organizational efficiency, control cost, and ensure compliance. 



Every business has processes; from on-boarding employees, paying invoices, to daily operational duties.  Taking manual tasks into efficient automated solutions is H2 Integrated Solution’s expertise.   H2 understands the intricacy of business process and designing solutions to meet your needs and improve your business.  With integrated workflows that enhance productivity, increase revenue; from manual, time consuming routine tasks to those that occur once a quarter or processed at year end, H2 leads organizations on using BPM Suites to take the guess work out of the equation for your employees.

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